All the Secrets behind Watching Free Sports and Movies without Cable!

Watching free sports and movies without cable? Years back you’d not think this possible. Today with the rapid advances in communications technology, this is no longer offers hardly any surprises at all. It is now possible to watch free online TV shows in your TV set without cable. exactly do you do this? There is actually no secret to it. You must have heard of android TV or Google TV. Equipped with an android operating system specifically the 4.2 operating system often used in mobile phones and tablets, these TV sets are able to access the internet, giving you a wide range of sports and movie viewing choices. You can watch all the sports events – football, basketball, tennis – anywhere they are happening in real time. And if you are an avid movie watcher, you can watch free online TV shows all day long if you want. The android TV makes all movie channels from all countries available to you.

Surprisingly, given the enormous benefits it offers, the technology involved is rather simple. Fact is, you only need a magic android TV, a remote wireless control, a remote QWERTY keyboard and you are ready to go. All these you can have for a negligible $297 a month. You’ll probably complain that it is not really free. Of course it is because that money is all you’ll ever pay for the service, which means that you can watch free online TV shows, all the sports and movies you want, for the rest of your viewing days. How’s that for a service?

Do you have to buy a new TV in order to enjoy free TV? No! The technology also reconfigures your old TV set, transforming it into a smart TV able to accommodate the apps required to access the various other features included in the package. And though you would probably be contented with just having the sports and movies, there is no reason why you should not enjoy those other features. There is a Tunei n Radio that will let you listen to music when you are tired from all the watching or after working at the office.

While you might have no inclination to playing online video games, your children may want to play them once in a while. There are apps that you can download from Google app store for free or at a minimal fee to make video games work in your TV.

When you are looking for a Free TV provider be sure to give the services of magicdroid adequate consideration. It is possible only a few companies offer the same range of services at the price this android TV Company offers. At any rate, its range of services and pricing scheme can give you a very good idea of what you should actually expect from a great free TV provider.

Some communication experts say android TV is the future of TV. It is conceivable that in the immediate future we will see the demise of expensive cable television. This is actually a good thing not only in terms of price. As more powerful android applications are utilized for TV, you can expect more comprehensive features. In the future, aside from allowing you to watch TV shows, send emails, post in your Facebook, chat using Skype and edit and share files, it will probably allow you to process documents as well.

So you ask, what’s the secret behind sports and movie watching without cable? There is no secret really. It is made possible by an advanced android operating system integrated into your TV set. And it not only allows you to watch free online TV shows, it also allows you to do other important things.


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